Course Outline

  • What is Digital Ocean
  • Digital Ocean vs others
  • All resources overview
  • Digital Ocean and Terraform
  • Digital Ocean CLI
  • Compute (Virtualni Servery, Kubernetes)
  • Storage (Block Storage, S3)
  • Managed DB (Postgres, Mysql, Redis)
  • Networking (Load Balancing, Firewall, VPC)
  • Monitoring
  • Backups

For more information go to - Školení Digital Ocean

Lecturer: Ondrej Sika

I'm a software engineer since 2009. These days, I'm focused in DevOps. I've stated with training in 2013, since then I've made more than 170 training sessions for more than 750 people. My cliets are banks, telco & large enterpises as well as startups and small companies.


Public session - 6800 CZK excl. VAT