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What is Terraform

Terraform is a tool used to manage cloud infrastructure, both public (AWS, Azure, GCP) and private (OpenStack, VMware vSphere).

Terraform allows you to manage the infrastructure as code versioned in Git, adding resources using merge (pull) requests, and many other benefits. You can further deploy the infrastructure to the test environment exactly as it is in production without undue effort. You have an overview of all components and you can predict prices. No more clicking the infrastructure, try Terraform.

Terraform allows you to manage multiple cloud providers simultaneously, while also allowing you to work with hybrid clouds (part in the private cloud, part in the public).

Course Description

The training is in the form of a workshop where we will examine and explain everything in detail. I will manifest how Terraform works, how to use it in a team and how to use it to manage the infrastructure. Finally we will set up a simple application infrastructure, where we configure everything - from DNS, through the Kubernetes cluster to S3 file storage.

Course Outline

  • Basic concept of Terraform
  • Terraform advantages over Ansible, Puppet, ...
  • Terraform configuration for team work
  • Terraform CLI control
  • Introduction to Terraform Configuration Language (HCL)
  • Terraform Providers - connection to the clouds
  • Working with resources in Terraform
  • Terraform modules
  • Best Practice

Who Should Attend

The training is a perfect fit for DevOps and administrators who want to better and more efficiently manage the infrastructure as well as for developers who take care of some infrastructure in the clouds.

Skill Requirements

  • Basic knowledge of public clouds (AWS, DigitalOcean, Azure, ...)
  • Basics Terminal knowledge

Technical Requirements

Ondřej Šika

I'm a software engineer since 2009. These days, I'm focused in DevOps. I've stated with training in 2013, since then I've made more than 170 training sessions for more than 750 people. My cliets are banks, telco & large enterpises as well as startups and small companies.


Public session: 540 EUR excl. VAT
Company traning (in-house): excl. VAT

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I've put tens of hours to my courses preparation and spent hundreds of hours by using, exploring and distilling the best out of these technologies. I've spent the time so you don't have to. Everything is prepared in such way you will be able to use the technology right away. If for any reason you're not satisfied with the course simply ask for your money back

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Ivo Hlavaty

System Engineer, Konica Minolta Business Solutions Czech

April 21, 2020

I have taken an online course of Terraform and I liked it a lot. Ondrej was well prepared with many examples in Github. He was also willing to find a solution for other participants requests. I also appreciate the integration ideas with other tools (prometheus, gitlab, ..). I definitelly recommend signing up to his courses.

Milan Skuhra

IT Architect

April 24, 2020

I participated in Docker and Kubernetes training because we wanted to manage our servers in this way. I was fascinated by the amount of knowledge that Ondrej was able to pass on in such a short time. We also arranged cooperation with him to break up the kubernetes cluster (including ceph) on our servers. We hoped that Ondrej and I would be able to do it in two days, but we did it in one day. We also learned a lot about the administration of the new setup along the way. After excellent experience, I participated in another training - Terraform. After that, I was able to replace my several days of unfinished work with a new solution ready in a few hours. I appreciate his openness and willingness to share his experiences. I can only highly recommend working with him.

Jakub Schimer

Software Developer

February 18, 2020

Ondrej is experienced system architect and great lecturer who gladly answers any question thrown at him. Very enlightening Docker, Kubernetes and Terraform lessons.

Ondrej Sika

+420 773 452 376

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